J C Clayton always had a keen interest in all creative arts from an early age. Art and creativity was his escapism as he grow up in the quiet town of Wantage. He later trained as a cabinet maker and draughtsman in 2008 making and designing high quality furniture. Art has always been integral to everything he does.

His distinctive style uses bold colour and line that are influenced by stained glass, cloisonisum, synthetism and expressionism. Each painting is meticulously set out using his skills as a draughtsman. He like to uses line weight to describe depth in his work as well as framing each section of the painting.

J C Clayton has been designing furniture since 2008 for a number of well known architects, interior designers and furniture makers, working on some renowned projects in the UK. His skills in design engineering, draughting and furniture making means he has a vast experience in use of materials and finishes. 

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